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Welcome Home!

Why keep a blog?

Tyler Yep • Jul 01 2019


Hi, I’m Tyler, and this is my blog!

I’m starting this blog as I enter my senior year at Stanford University. I’m hoping to write about the things I’ve worked on over the past four years, and what I continue to do in the future.

This Blog Contains:

Notes to remember what I’ve worked on.

Tutorials on subjects I’ve spent so many hours trying to understand, to help me remember all of my work and use it in the future.

Every post will be a mini-snapshot of my understanding at these different years of my life, showing what I’ve learned over my various projects. Hopefully it’ll be a chance for me to get some feedback on my work and learn something new.

Welcome Home!

This blog will contain all of the interesting things I’ve learned, along with all the things I find exciting about my work. I hope you find something that interests you or sparks something creative!

Make yourself at home :)